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70 E. Ypsilanti Avenue, Pontiac, Mi


Sold for $52,000

Property Description

Introducing the "World's Cheapest Home!" in the heart of Pontiac, Michigan! ????? Unleash your inner DIY guru and embrace the challenge of turning this 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom ranch into a masterpiece that will make Chip and Joanna green with envy. Priced at a mind-boggling $1 (yes, you read that right), this home is not just a house—it's a ticket to the real estate adventure of a lifetime.

Step inside and experience the thrilling rollercoaster of emotions as you discover every nook and cranny that's begging for your creative touch. The roof might have seen better days, but hey, it's not leaking yet—it's just keeping you on your toes, providing an unexpected shower of excitement when you least expect it.

Let's talk about the unique features that make this place stand out—like the avant-garde "floor hole" art installation conveniently located next to the furnace. Who needs a traditional open-concept layout when you can have an open floor plan thanks to an authentic, unfiltered glimpse into the crawl space?

But wait, there's more! The garden is a blank canvas waiting for your green thumb to work its magic. Imagine a garden so wild, even Mother Nature would raise an eyebrow. The overgrown shrubbery and exotic weeds lend an air of mystery, inviting local critters for an impromptu garden party.

Investors, this is your moment to shine! Whether you're dreaming of flipping for glory or embarking on a lucrative leasing venture, this home's potential is as limitless as your imagination. So, if you're a visionary, a risk-taker, or simply someone who thrives on life's little curveballs, this home is calling your name.

Buckle up for a journey filled with twists, turns, and a whole lot of character. Don't just buy a house—buy an experience. Act now before someone else grabs this one-of-a-kind opportunity to own a slice of Pontiac awesomeness.

All offers are due by 10:00 am Wednesday 8/23/2023.

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Chris Hubel


Property Details

Property Type

Single Family Home






724 sqft



Year Built


Property Location

70 East Ypsilanti Avenue, Pontiac, MI, USA

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68 Mary Day Avenue,

Pontiac, Mi, 48341


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