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49 E. Beverly Avenue, Pontiac, Mi,


Sold for $68,000

Property Description

Oh boy, hold onto your tool belts because we've got a doozy for you! Presenting a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom fixer upper in the heart of Pontiac, Michigan. You heard it right, just one George Washington can make this slice of potential paradise yours! Rumor has it, that "homes for a dollar" guy must have pulled a rabbit out of his hardhat again.

Step inside and be prepared to marvel at the interior that might make you wonder: is that drywall dust or the latest Pontiac designer drug? Only time will tell! But don't let a little mystery discourage you; this house comes with all the charm of a home in need of a little, okay, maybe a lot, of TLC.

Those hardwoods are just waiting for a spa day, or at least a good mopping, to reveal their inner beauty. And that kitchen flooring, it’s so drop-dead gorgeous, you might just want to host a dance-off instead of cooking. It's the kind of flooring that'll have you asking, "Is this a kitchen or a ballroom?" Talk about potential!

Behold the stunning basement – perfect for storing your collection of antique rubber duckies or, you know, whatever it is normal people store in basements. And guess what? The roof is brand spanking new.

Now, let's talk security. Who needs a guard dog when you've got your very own hornets nest? Yes, you read that right. We've strategically placed a hornets nest on the side of the house to ensure that no pesky intruders will be making off with your half-finished DIY projects. Just imagine the awe on their faces as they flee from a swarm of bees. It's like having your own personal security team, minus the uniforms.

So, if you're up for a challenge, have an affinity for mystery substances, and dream of turning a fixer upper into a jaw-dropping masterpiece, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. And all for just $1! Who said dreams don't come true?

Disclaimer: Please do not attempt to snort any substances found on the floors – we assure you, it's either dust or DIY fairy magic. Bees may or may not be unionized, proceed with caution.

Highest & Best offers due Sunday 9/3 by 6:00 pm

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Chris Hubel


Property Details

Property Type

Single Family Home






693 sqft



Year Built


Property Location

49 E Beverly Ave, Pontiac, MI, USA

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68 Mary Day Avenue,

Pontiac, Mi, 48341


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